Need a hand?

Children are our future.

Bellbirds are here to give a helping hand to young people in need,
who live on the Central Coast of NSW.


Our Vision

Bellbirds is your Central Coast charity helping local disadvantaged children, through fund raising and community support since 1976.

Bellbirds are committed to:

  • caring

  • understanding

  • sharing

  • empowering and

  • respecting YOU our local community.

How do I get help?

It’s simple…

Bellbirds are able to assist disadvantaged children who are:

  • Newborn up to and including 18 years of age; and

  • Reside within the Central Coast Local Government Area (LGA) of NSW.

A disadvantaged child is one who has necessitous needs such as physical, medical or intellectual challenges or whose family or guardian requires some economic support to meet these needs.

All requests for support are assessed on a ‘case by case’ basis by the Bellbird Assessment Committee who research and evaluate every request we receive. Bellbirds has also established relationships with a number of individuals and organisations who refer families who need some support. Bellbirds can fill the gaps not covered by NDIS, health funds or any other source.

If you, or someone you know, qualifies for funding based on the above criteria, please apply for assistance using the ‘Need a Hand’ form below. You will receive notification within 4 to 6 weeks regarding the status of your request.

What help does Bellbirds provide?

Find below a list of some of the types of help Bellbirds has been able to contribute to over the years to enhance the well-being of our local children. This is by no means a complete list; individual requests will be considered on a ‘case by case’ basis:

  • Medical equipment needs

  • Medical intervention not covered by any other source

  • Special furniture or special needs equipment

  • Special learning support

  • Educational items and equipment

  • Special needs, sporting or tuition fees

  • Respite care

  • Requests from other charities, schools or organisations where the help is going directly to a disadvantaged child or group of disadvantaged children.  

yOUr ‘Need a hand’ Form

Let’s get this done! If you need a helping hand, or know someone who does, please complete the online form found below. It is preferable to involve the parent or guardian of the child being nominated for consideration. You are most welcome to help them fill in the form or fill it in on their behalf.

As each request is assessed on a ‘case by case’ basis we require the name and age of the child who needs our assistance, an address and contact number plus a short description of how we can help. If you wish to include a medical practitioner or other health care professional report with your application, please send a separate email marked “Private and confidential - Attention BellBirds Assessment Committee” to

Your privacy is our top priority. All applications are treated with sensitivity and care.

Name of parent/guardian or representative *
Name of parent/guardian or representative
Name of child needing assistance *
Name of child needing assistance
Please include a description of the assistance required.